5 Dumb Moves in “New” Relationships

Family Law is a conveyor belt of relationships. Some long, some short, the new and rekindling the old, but through the years you learn the signs, or things not to do in a New Relationship.

  1. Rail on the Ex.  Bad mouthing your ex, while possibly therapeutic, does little to enhance your new relationship. While you may bond over a common enemy, your feelings will relax towards your ex, but your new squeeze will always think they’re the devil.
  2. Too Serious, Too Fast.  If they are truly your soulmate, the one person who completes you, they will still be the ONE, even if you take it slow.
  3. Getting Involved with a Still Married Person.  This makes you a target, can quickly over-complicate a situation and could get you involved in Court.
  4. Going Back to a Bad Situation.  The saying of “it’s easier to deal with the devil you know versus the devil you don’t” applies to college professors, not spouses.
  5. Name Tattoos.  a la Billy Bob, “Just Say No!”

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and reminds you that if you are trying to act smart don’t do something dumb.

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