Don’t Trash Your Ex Publicly.

Sure they probably deserve it, but what is the old saying?

Never wrestle with a pig because YOU get dirty and the pig likes it. –

George Bernard Shaw

It is hard, sometimes seemingly impossible to pass up a good opportunity to besmirch the ex, however telling the Homeroom teacher you are unsure about how you are going to pay for Jr.’s field trip because his dad is a deadbeat isn’t right, especially when it’s not true.  The problem is, even when it is true, it is still NOT right.

Saying negative and hurtful things about the other parent always backfires.  In the day and age of twitter, FaceBook, texting and digital recorders- assume all conversations are heard, overheard, recorded and shared.  This means it gets back to the other parent, back to the kids and is as bad as the tattled-upon conduct.

Also, don’t assume your anonymous blog posting is really anonymous.  You have a unique ISP#, your online activity, site visits, time of the visit and duration of the visit are retrievable information.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and cautions you that if you would not say it your Mom, then you should not be saying it to someone else about your Ex.

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