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She’s Your Ex, not mine.

“The poison ivy of people are ex spouses.” -Matthew Thompson


Exes can irritate, inflame, and annoy regardless of the season. Exes can make life difficult and uncomfortable. Exes can also cause a reaction that is not good.

I was meeting with a divorcee and their new spouse. We were discussing some issues about the ex and the best way to address it.  The new spouse made the comment “She’s your ex, not mine.”  This was a profound comment. It was not shirking responsibility or even placing blame. It was a statement that you, as the former spouse, need to address issues head-on and in an adult like manner.

Novel thought. Act like an adult. All too often, I see ex spouses acting like everything but adults. Petty arguments, meaningless games of one-upping the other and a general lack of care for the ex spouse can serve to harm the child. These are bad. Don’t do these things.

Act like an adult.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody attorney and encourages ex spouses to act like adults.


Your Ex-Soulmate is Gonna Hate!

While the scientific data is still out as to the existence of soulmates, one thing is for sure.  If you break up with your Soulmate for a much younger soul, she will hate you!


Upon Brinkley’s ex, the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel, getting married to his soulmate, Brinkley tweeted,”Congratulation[s] to the glowing bride and groom. And to my daughter Alexa, who has a wonderful friend in Alexis! Wishing the growing family every happiness!

Sounds sweet, right?

However, Alexa is the daughter of Brinkley and Joel. She is just four years younger than her new stepmother, hence their “friend”ship. Brinkley also noted the “growing family”hinting that perhaps the new Mrs. Joel is with child.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and is developing a new theory on Soulmates. He advises his clients, their exes and their new flames to all just get along…

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Don’t Make Up Stuff About Your Ex.

It can be fun to “run them down the road” or “throw ’em under the bus,” figuratively speaking, of course.

jesadaphorn /freedigitalphotos.net

They were, after-all, mostly responsible for the worst thing that happened to you as an adult. (Or the best, if you consider you no longer live with that cretin?)

But, why make stuff up about how bad they were? It serves no purpose. Recently, I heard the other side of the story from a friend of the ex.  It was chock full of outrageous conduct, statements and actions- some criminal, that were just not true.

I thought, “Wow, if he was that bad I would have divorced him too!”

However, the conduct, statements and actions were not true.  I know because I deposed the ex during the case. I asked, under oath, about all the dirty deeds. They were not mentioned.

People seem to have one of two predispositions. 1) We remember things better than they were, ie: childhood years, college days, or 2) We remember things much worse than they were, ie: “he never loved me.”

Making things up about your ex may be fun, but it serves no purpose and delays the “healing process.”  It also may backfire down the road when you finally forgive and resume some semblance of a relationship.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Litigation Lawyer in Mississippi and believes the truth can set you free.

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