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Happy Valentine’s Day, Soulmate!

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Here’s an interesting article on What Divorce Lawyers think about Soulmates.  One contributor to the article includes my friend and colleague from Atlanta, Randy Kessler.

And here are 5 signs that that special someone is NOT your soulmate.

Matthew Thompson is a divorce attorney wishing you a very special and happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t get re-Married on the same day that you got Divorced.

Finding that one, true soulmate is magical. However, it does not mean you should immediately marry them.


Do not get married to your true love on the same day that you got divorced from the first mistake.  Just don’t. Yes it’s legal, assuming the divorce was done right. But, it makes your anniversary also your divorceaversary. While starting anew is a great thing. Starting anew a little bit slower is a better thing.

Matthew Thompson is a divorce lawyer and wants you to get re-married, but does not think you should do it on the same day that your divorce became final.

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This is One Way to Pay Alimony!

Unverified internet news claims that this fellow had new checks made of he and his soulmate to pay his ex-wife’s alimony!


Whether this is true or not, I believe it.

Should you do it? No. Is it provocative? Yes.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce Attorney and recommends you pay on time and in a fashion you can prove, such as by check, however, you do not have to have your soulmate’s picture on the check!

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