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Your Every Move is Watched

I wear bow ties to Court. Pictures of me in a suit include me in a bow tie. I tie them myself and enjoy wearing them, the look and the attention.

I market the bow tie as well. My blog is blog.bowtielawyer.ms. A search of Bow Tie Lawyer reveals a lot of my musings.

Recently, I was awaiting court and was mentioned in a Tweet regarding bow tie selfies. Those are pictures of yourself in a bow tie. I took one. One of the other persons awaiting court whispered, “he just took a picture of his bow tie.” It was not a quiet whisper, though I believe it was intended to be.

So, what’s the point? Just remember that you are being watched. You are watched in Court, in your dealings out in public, in your daily routines and even those times when you think you are not.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and reminds you to Watch Out!

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Soulmates, Bigfoot & Elvis. (Vote Now)

Much like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra and Elvis, Soulmates have been sighted but remain elusive.


Being a divorce attorney requires an almost daily struggle with the existence of soul-mates. We all think we’ve found the “ONE” until we learn we, in fact, did not find the “ONE” and then wonder “what on Earth was I thinking?!”

Once it goes South, I hear “I never loved him/her.”  Right… After 13 years, 2 children, and many happy years, it then was “never meant to be.”  Perhaps it was meant to be for 13 years.  Regardless, in addition to seeking your soul-mate, seek the one that complements your station in life, one that is a partner, a help-mate spiritually, emotionally, financially, and in immeasurable, intangible ways.  Soul-mates may exist, but what are the chances that of the 6-7 billion people on the planet that the only one other  person in the world that completes you just so happened to live 20 minutes away…


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Congratulations! You’re Divorced.

“Congratulations!”  It’s an odd thing to think and to say at then end of a marriage.

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Sometimes “congratulations” are not appropriate.  Neither party is happy and it’s not what either party wanted.  However, a divorce is not just the end of something.  It is also the beginning of a new life.  A life where even if you weren’t the spouse you should have been, you are not destined to repeat that.  Perhaps you have not been the best parent, there’s time to repair those relationships.  While you will still face difficulties and you will more than likely still have to deal with your ex, the control that was once there is limited and you can change bad habits.

There’s a book out called the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  This was recommended to me by a Business Coach named Glenn Finch with Atticus.  Atticus is  unique company which advises lawyers & law firms on how to standout in their field. (insert corny joke here).  The Power of Habit basically notes that bad habits, while they cannot be eliminated, can be replaced.  You can train your brain to react to a stimuli in a different manner than “normal” by replacing the habit.

It’s often thought that the “second-time-around-spouse” gets the “better” you.  You’ve learned from your mistakes and experience is the best teacher.  And sometimes, just sometimes, you got rid of someone whose mission, it seemed, was just to bring you down.

Congratulations, you are divorced.

Matthew Thompson is Divorce & Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and knows that “congratulations” is not always appropriate, but silver linings and all…  

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