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When a Whisper is Not a Whisper; The Lost Art of Whispering

At the movies, the library and the classroom you get in trouble for talking. Whispering is requisite.

In Court, whispering, too, is a critical skill. On numerous occasions I have heard many a too loud whisper.

Yesterday I blogged about getting caught taking a bow tie selfie and learning of me getting busted via a too loud whisper.

On another occasion I was taking a deposition and the issue of whether my client had a gun in her car was brought up. She denied having a gun. The soon-to-be ex “whispered” to his attorney that he knew where it was in her car because he put it there!

Learn the ART of Whispering.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Attorney in Mississippi and Whispers quietly.

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Your Every Move is Watched

I wear bow ties to Court. Pictures of me in a suit include me in a bow tie. I tie them myself and enjoy wearing them, the look and the attention.

I market the bow tie as well. My blog is blog.bowtielawyer.ms. A search of Bow Tie Lawyer reveals a lot of my musings.

Recently, I was awaiting court and was mentioned in a Tweet regarding bow tie selfies. Those are pictures of yourself in a bow tie. I took one. One of the other persons awaiting court whispered, “he just took a picture of his bow tie.” It was not a quiet whisper, though I believe it was intended to be.

So, what’s the point? Just remember that you are being watched. You are watched in Court, in your dealings out in public, in your daily routines and even those times when you think you are not.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and reminds you to Watch Out!

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