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She’s Your Ex, not mine.

“The poison ivy of people are ex spouses.” -Matthew Thompson


Exes can irritate, inflame, and annoy regardless of the season. Exes can make life difficult and uncomfortable. Exes can also cause a reaction that is not good.

I was meeting with a divorcee and their new spouse. We were discussing some issues about the ex and the best way to address it.  The new spouse made the comment “She’s your ex, not mine.”  This was a profound comment. It was not shirking responsibility or even placing blame. It was a statement that you, as the former spouse, need to address issues head-on and in an adult like manner.

Novel thought. Act like an adult. All too often, I see ex spouses acting like everything but adults. Petty arguments, meaningless games of one-upping the other and a general lack of care for the ex spouse can serve to harm the child. These are bad. Don’t do these things.

Act like an adult.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody attorney and encourages ex spouses to act like adults.


Going to Bat for Your…Ex!? – Things Great Parents Do Whether they Like it or Not.

Ex-spouses.  The scourge of happy families.

Despising your ex is a “fundamental right” that most divorcees have earned. Usually, about half of the time, the ex deserves it. However, there are some involved who do not.  The children.

Promoting and encouraging a good relationship between your ex and the children is usually a very good thing.  You should do it.  How, you ask?

Go to Bat for the Other Parent.

If the child indicates they don’t want to go to visitation or that they would rather go to Jenny’s birthday, don’t acquiesce.  Tell them how important it is to go see the other parent. Tell them how much that time means to the other parent. Tell them how much fun they will have.  Even if you don’t believe it.

Think about if the roles were reversed.  Jenny’s birthday is not that important to your child. It’s just another school friend’s birthday. Time with the Other Parent is Priceless.

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Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody  Lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi and goes to bat for his clients.

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