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Are YOU a Terrible Parent?

Food, shelter and clothing are necessities and while providing them is the minimum, doing so alone does not make you a great parent.


  • Do you encourage a relationship between the child and the other parent?
    • Just NOT badmouthing them does not make you a great parent. You should encourage and promote a good relationship.  Oh, and it’s required when parties have joint legal custody.
  • Do you withhold financial support from your child?
    • Money isn’t everything, but there is no excuse for not supporting your child.
  • Do you degrade the other parent to your child?
    • “I don’t lie to my child!” 1) Yes, you do. Everyday, to protect them. 2) Telling them how big a scoundrel the other parent is hurts the child. Half of their identity is from that scoundrel!
  • Do you prevent your child from seeing the other parent or interfere with the visitation?
    • Out of sight is NOT out of mind. Absence can make the heart grow fonder…

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Lawyer in Mississippi and reminds you to not be a terrible parent.

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Going to Bat for Your…Ex!? – Things Great Parents Do Whether they Like it or Not.

Ex-spouses.  The scourge of happy families.

Despising your ex is a “fundamental right” that most divorcees have earned. Usually, about half of the time, the ex deserves it. However, there are some involved who do not.  The children.

Promoting and encouraging a good relationship between your ex and the children is usually a very good thing.  You should do it.  How, you ask?

Go to Bat for the Other Parent.

If the child indicates they don’t want to go to visitation or that they would rather go to Jenny’s birthday, don’t acquiesce.  Tell them how important it is to go see the other parent. Tell them how much that time means to the other parent. Tell them how much fun they will have.  Even if you don’t believe it.

Think about if the roles were reversed.  Jenny’s birthday is not that important to your child. It’s just another school friend’s birthday. Time with the Other Parent is Priceless.

Here are some other tips on NOT being a Terrible Parent:

Signs of Terrible Parenting.

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And, here’s the Best Thing You Can do for Your Child!

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody  Lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi and goes to bat for his clients.

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