Leaked Photos!

The headlines have been abuzz of leaked celebrity photos in compromising positions, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.










However, celebrities aren’t the only targets of this type of conduct.  All too often these are threatened to be made public or sent to your mother by your former significant other when pitted against one another in a heated divorce or custody case.  You mean your soul-mate may turn on you?  In a second!

In addition to being embarrassing the pictures can influence a Court’s determination on contributions to the stability of the marriage and custody.  I am not saying you lose your kids because you took naughty photos, but depending on what they depict and whether they include illegal activity they may well impact your case and may also impact negotiations. You may settle for less than you should to prevent them from being used.

So, how do I keep these from being used against me? Easy, don’t allow them to exist in the first place.

What if they already do?  Tread carefully…

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Lawyer in Mississippi and cautions you to NOT put yourself in compromising positions.

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