A Client’s Pet Peeve; Not Knowing the Answer.

A lawsuit is subject to the rules of law.  These rules were designed by lawyers to be implemented by lawyers.  It makes it very difficult to handle lawsuits and legal matters without a lawyer.

The law and common sense do not always go hand in hand.  Due to this what you think the answer is and what the correct answer actually is can be vastly different.  I try to anticipate and answer a client’s questions before they are asked. And, I certainly try to answer them when they are asked.  However, lawyers fall into the trap of speaking in legalese and sometimes the response is lost in translation.

You as a client have to say when you do not understand. You have to ask that it be answered again.  By not doing so, it is implicit that your question was answered and that you understood.  On numerous occasions I have found that by speaking with a client that something I thought was clear and understood was in fact NOT.  As a client you cannot allow this to go on.  Don’t be bashful, Ask.  Ask again if you have to.  It’s your case, your life, and your money.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and encourages you to ask questions until you understand the answer.

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