How Do You Tell When a Lawyer is Lying?

“His lips are moving.”

Perjury has been blogged about.

Never lie. (PERJURY)  You will get caught.  The truth is easy to remember.  Remember, usually, it’s not the crime but the cover-up that gets you.  The very affluent husband, with a great job, testified that he was unsure of his income, but knew his expenses down to the penny.  He testified under oath that his expenses exceeded his income by over $10,000 per month.  The problem?  He had no debt.  This situation of making $10,000 less than he was spending had been going on for months, if not years, but he always made payroll, carried no debt, had no loans and could not explain how this could be.  Perhaps he had a money tree out back.

Lying to your kids has, as well.

It never fails.  One of the aggrieved parties to a divorce tells the dirty details to the child regarding the other parent.  This is never appropriate or “ok.”  Never. Never to a young child. What about when….? No. Never.

But that parent, with their righteous indignation tells me, or testifies, “I do NOT lie to my child?”  My response?  “Well, what about the Tooth Fairy?

The Top 5 Lies of Divorce clients are here.

5.  Lies about Income.

4.  Lies about their role within the Home.  

3.  Lies about Other Marital Fault.

2.  Lies about Value$.

1.  Lies about Adultery.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and encourages potential clients to tell your lawyer the truth!

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