Curse Words and Other Names to Call a Divorce Lawyer. (*#%$#&…and some Hate)

About half of all the people I come into contact with end up hating me…


I don’t think this bothers me, though. It suits my personality. However, my goal is not to be hated, nor is my goal to destroy your family.  Enough of you do that without any attorney’s help.

I have been cussed out, threatened and heckled for doing my job. A few include;

  • “Terrorist” (by opposing party)
  • “Weasly, little, S.O.B.” (by opposing counsel outside of Court)
  • “@#@$^&@$*!” (too harsh to print)
  •  “Homeboy” (by opposing counsel, in Court!)
  • “Bow Lie Lawyer” (by opposing party…a year later, hmm…)
  • threatened to be “filleted” (like a fish, I suppose, by opposing Counsel- in a call to my home after hours- we’re friends now)
  • and just about every other “name” in the book

What have you been called at work?

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I consider this a badge of honor, in case you are wondering.  I would also encourage the would-be-litigants to direct their anger not at the attorneys,  nor even the other spouse, but to use that anger to search inward and resolve to improve yourself and those relationships with others.  At least that is what Dr. Phil would say.  And if all of that is too hokey – be your worst self and see how that works for you.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Lawyer in Mississippi and encourages those of you that are name callers to Grow Up.

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