Family Law Bill of the Day Mississippi Style

The legislature is in session.  Saturday Night Live once referred to  the Mississippi Legislature as the “hissing possums.”

But, today’s blog is about proposed legislation.  Senate Bill 2342-(sb2342in).

This Bill’s intent is to add a 13th “fault ground” to Mississippi Law. This ground would provide for a divorce being granted upon 5 years of separation in fact.  This means if you and your spouse are married, but not living together for five years or longer and at least one of you wants a divorce, you can get a divorce.  It further provides that if there are minor children that the Chancellor may deny the divorce if a divorce is found to  not be in the children’s best interests.

This is a much needed change in Mississippi law and a step in the right direction.  Some may say 5 years is too long, but it is better than nothing and better than the law as it currently is.

Who says that? I do.

Read about the current 12 fault grounds.

Read Why You Should Care About This Legislation here and here.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law and Child Custody Attorney in Mississippi, Adjunct Professor at MC Law in Domestic Relations and believes this provides a much needed remedy in the current law.

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