The Goode Olde Daze!

Let’s wax nostalgic…

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We always hear about “the Good Ol’ Days.” Times past when the world moved at a slower pace and was safer place.  The air fresher, the sun shinier, and the water more pure.  People got along better, rainbows were more colorful and every town was like Mayberry.


The good old days were not amazingly different than today.  There was less technology and less mass media, but otherwise the same struggles, pressures, vices, temptations and conflict existed.

Those clamoring for the good old days are really clamoring for reliving their childhood.  Being young, carefree, and blissfully ignorant made for the times we reminisce about. Sure there were specific and momentous events in the past that were exciting and by virtue of being new were exciting, but new discoveries and excitement happen every day.

People tend to remember things more fondly than they really were.  That school teacher that you could not wait to be rid of was the best one ever. That camping trip that you cursed taking because of the torrential rain and the 13-mile hike, which was 17 because you got lost, were amazingly fun- 5 years later.

The good old days..or rather daze, is the fog of memory. These days, right now, are the Good Days.  Make the most of it before the get old.

Matthew Thompson is an Attorney practicing Family Law in Mississippi and reminds you that these are the Good Days!

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One thought on “The Goode Olde Daze!”

  1. Very true observations. I’ve blogged about a related topic myself:

    It’s a deep seated human instinct, it seems, to see the world this way. And some things do truly get worse, although sometimes only in a personalized subjective manner, over the years. And things can get much worse, as a “good era” slides into a “bad” one. Having said that, however, generally people’s view of the past tends to be of a past that never quite was.

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