5 Dirty Secrets about Secrets!

I keep secrets for a living.

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No, I am not in the NSA, but I have less issues keeping secrets than they do and the CIA.

Keeping secrets is not hard, but it’s very easy to slip up. Here are sure-fire ways to ensure that your secret gets out.

5 Ways to Spill the Beans:

5. Tell someone else. It’s no longer a secret when more than one person knows about it. There are only a few circumstances when privilege applies to disclosed secrets.

4. Write it down. Keeping a Journal may be good for your mental health, but it also creates a record of your activity.

3. Take a Picture.  Cameras on cellphones have lead to more evidence than just about any other device.

2. Get Drunk. It’s been said that “a drunk man says what a sober man thinks.”

1. Text It. Similar to #3. Text messages have done in many a secret. Not only are they very easy to send. They are easy to send to the wrong person, and come with a time and date stamp!

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney and knows how to keep a secret.

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