Family Law and Common Sense Tip of the Day: Don’t Do on Video That Which You do NOT Want to See Again in Court.

One way to ensure that a video of you does NOT go viral is to NOT do things that are being recorded on video.

Whether you’re dealing with a Family Law matter or just  hanging out with your friends, don’t do things  that you do not want to see again.

A recent video has gone viral of a UM college student being disgusting at Spring Break. It hearkens back to an Ozzie Osbourne stunt except this time it involved a hamster.

Sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of a new relationship or being around friends and do things we regret. Sometimes mind-altering substances loosen inhibitions. With a video camera being on nearly every cell phone, these days you cannot afford to lose your inhibitions and act foolish.

Matthew Thompson is a  Family Law Attorney and advises potential clients that if your Mother or a Judge would be ashamed of what you are doing, do something else, and for the love of Pete don’t video it!

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