Judge Races are Set; Madison, Leake, Yazoo & Holmes

This will be one of several posts on the Chancery Judge races in Mississippi.

The race is on. The field is set.  The filing deadline was close of business June 1.  It’s a two-horse race in Madison, Leake, Holmes and Yazoo Counties.

This district, the 11th Chancery District, is currently served by Judges Cynthia Brewer and Robert Clark, III. The legislature, due to population increases, added a third Judge position to this district.

James C. Walker

The front-runner for this seat is James Walker. Walker has the backing of the majority of Family Law and Chancery practitioners in the vast majority of the district. Walker is the current Family Master for the District; hearing Emergency Petitions,Temporary Hearings and the types of matters the current Chancellors hear. Walker is the former staff attorney for Judge Cynthia Brewer, former staff attorney for DHS and has his own private Chancery practice law firm.

Pearlene Jones

Attorney, Pearlene Jones is the other candidate that has qualified to run.  She is a resident of Lexington,  in Holmes County. She currently serves as the County Prosecutor for Homes County. This is a part-time, elected position. Typically, a County Prosecutor’s office is responsible for the prosecution of all misdemeanor cases which occur within the County and filed in Justice Court by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the County Sheriff’s Department, as well as citizen versus citizen affidavits.

Limited online information is available about Attorney Jones. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

This non-partisan election will be held on November 3, 2015.

*Thompson Law Firm, pllc, is a Host for the James C. Walker for Chancery Judge campaign.

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