The Lemon Lawyer; Signs of a Bad Lawyer

With apologies to the Lincoln Lawyer, beware of the Lemon Lawyer…


Signs of the Lemon Lawyer:

  • When you Call the Office you Never get the Same Person Twice. Personnel turnover happens, but if it’s too frequent, it’s the boss and not the employees.
  • Higher Fee Tango.  You’re told one fee and it inexplicably balloons. Sometimes it is more involved than anticipated, however in that instance it can be explained.
  • Too Much Difficulty in Communicating.  With cell phone, text and email, responses should not be few and far between. (However, watch the volume of those communications. Don’t wear them out)
  • On-line Presence is a Different Area of Practice than What You are Hiring Them For.  Last week they were the “DUI Daddy” for the tri-county area and this week they specialize in Divorce.  This happens a lot. Lawyers think no matter what they can always do Wills and Divorces.  I’d get one that does what you need.
  • Practicing out of their Car. The Lincoln Lawyer was just chauffeured because he did not have a valid driver’s license, he had a law office.  If your attorney does not, where are you going to meet them?  The occasional out-of-office appointment is OK, but highly sensitive meetings need to be in a secure, private place.
  • When you tell other people who represents you they say, “Ohhhh

To some extent, all lawyers are guilty of these things on an occasional basis.  I know that my office has missed returning a call or an email. Sometimes, emergencies happen and that attorney is stuck in Court unexpectedly. It happens more than you think in Family Law. Sometimes, we just forget to call you back.  However, if the above issues happen too numerous to count, either get to the bottom of it or make a change.  Or, you may end up with a sour taste in your mouth.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and warns you to avoid the lemon.

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