Take Care of What You Have!

What should be your life’s mission? This is often asked and has lead to much angst. But life’s real mission is to take care of what you have. 

So what does that mean? Take care of yourself; your body, mind and spirit. Take care of your family; your spouse, children and relatives. Take care of your property; your house, cars and stuff. Take care of your financial well being; your job, your assets and debts. 

A great example is when someone has a great house and doesn’t take care of it. This is most people’s single biggest asset, but when you ignore needed maintenance, delay routine upkeep and attempt to hide issues rather than have them repaired properly, you are ultimately only hurting yourself. Paying a little along the way prevents you from paying a lot later. 

Great advice for relationships too. Investing along the way. Taking your time, getting to know one another and doing routine maintenance will help avoid paying a lot later; like a visit to my office. 

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and hopes you don’t have to call him, but if you do, please do. 

Follow the blog: #BowTieLawyer Visit the website: #Thompson Law Firm You may also contact Matthew with your family law matter or question at (601) 850-8000 or Matthew@bowtielawyer.ms


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