Mississippi! Spread the Word

I love my home state. I love Mississippi.

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As a state, we have had some negative press of late. Our flag is behind the times and not representative of over half of our population (I’m including all races in this calculation, btw).  We are considered one of the least educated, poorest and most corrupt states.  We are good at being bad and bad at being good in the categories that matter, it seems.

However, we are also one of the most generous state’s per capita. We have a history of phenomenal athletes, authors, artists and musicians. We have amazing chefs, foodies and cuisine. We have a lot to be proud of.  We also have the potential to be better.  We know our problems. We know they cannot be solved overnight, but we also know there is a solution.

Time, hard work, commitment to change, to educate, to build infrastructure and to drive forward exists in the generations that are and will be the leaders of Mississippi.


Here’s a pat on the back. You do somethings really well!

Also, to anyone not in Mississippi, as Public Service Announcement; Mississippi has electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, books, shoes and air conditioning and we have had these luxuries/necessities of life for decades!

Matthew Thompson is a Family law attorney in Mississippi and is proud #Hail from the Hospitality State. 

Follow the blog: #BowTieLawyer Visit the website: #Thompson Law Firm You may also contact Matthew with your family law matter or question at (601) 850-8000 or Matthew@bowtielawyer.ms

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