The Fallout Continues…and there is more to come. Ashley Madison won’t Stop.

One more post on Ashley Madison and then I am taking a break from the subject.

You can read about the Ashley Madison hack here and what it means and doesn’t mean here.

What is still developing are the ramifications from the hack and the disclosure of private information.

It’s been reported that there have been suicides due to person’s private information being leaked. There have been public admissions of using the site and being the “biggest hypocrite ever.” There have been public denials that the person listed did not create the account or use the account, well maybe they did create it, but it was for curiosity’s sake only. There have also been outright denials of accessing the site and that an impostor created the account.  This did happen, by the way.

There is actually a law in Mississippi which makes it illegal to impersonate another real person online with the intent to threaten, harm, intimidate or defraud another.  The fake accounts may well be actionable if it impersonated a real person.

The other concerning part is that the Impact Team, the hackers responsible for the leak, have indicated they have the content of private messages and pictures shared through the site. There may be more fallout to come.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Lawyer in Mississippi and warns you that this story has “legs” and other body parts too!

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