How to Contact Your Attorney.

With technology today we expect instant access. However, it is not always practical.

Emails, texts, Instant Messenger, FaceBook Messenger, office phone, cell phone, letter, fax, carrier pigeon or smoke signals are the myriad of ways you have to contact an attorney, but all are not equal and all are not best.

  1. Office phone, during business hours is the best way. It is usually staffed, usually answered and usually responded to if a message is left. If a reasonable period of time has elapsed call again. 
  2. Office email.  Likely will get a canned response to call the office number and the heads up to the receptionist/call screener to be expecting the call. 
  3. Cell phone. You’ve called the office, you’ve emailed and need to get a warm body.  If you have a cell call it. Leave a message and a return number and a good time to call back.  Most attorneys guard their cell number like Fort Knox. Mine is on my business card. 
  4. Other Methods. The last option is the other ways to contact. These means are not secure. FB messenger does not ensure confidentiality. 

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and is awaiting your call. (601) 850-8000


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