Things you CAN Cheat on…

We’re constantly told, reminded and scolded about what we cannot cheat on.  But, there are some things you can cheat on, or things that even if you do the consequences are not so dire.

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#1. Your Diet. Go ahead and cheat.  “Tomorrow” is the most popular day to start a diet anyway, followed closely by “next Monday.”

#2. Video Games.  While you do not want to teach your children to cheat, using the “god mode” code makes the game more better. Invincibility only exists in a video game world anyway.

#3.  Taxes.  This is not recommended, but chances are you are cheating and don’t even know it with the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code. Under reporting income or over reporting expenses or deductions  is common and often unintentional.

These are just 3  of the things that cheating on likely will not lead to a long, miserable life, well #3 might, just ask Al Capone.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and advises you to cheat on your diet, not on your spouse or taxes!

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