Fake It Until You Make; Why Pretending Like You Care Now Helps You in the Future.

Law school class attendance is mandatory per the ABA, at least a certain percentage of class meetings. Yet a number of students treat it as if it is optional. However, attending now will pay dividends later.

I have been an adjunct professor since 2013. I graduated from MC Law in 2005, and my attitude was likely much like yours. The classes I enjoyed, I went to most of the time and the ones I did not I may have missed a time or two.

Having practiced law for over a decade, taught over 135 students and having founded and managed my own law firm, a few things have stood out. 

You should to go to class. You should be prepared. You should participate and you should care. And, if you cannot do these things, fake it. While you cannot fake attendance, you can fake the rest. You can act like you care and participate in class discussions.

Recently, I was contacted by a former classmate, who is the managing partner of a regional firm. They were looking to make an immediate hire and had a number of resumes. Of the ones that attended MC, the lawyer asked me if I knew “so-and-so.” I knew all of the MC candidates. They wanted the scoop. I gave it.

Candidate X. Great student, participated in class, cared, good attitude. They would be a good fit.

Candidate Y. Good student, tried hard, attended class, participated. You would be fine hiring this one.

Candidate Z. Vaguely remember the name. Took my class, at least I’m pretty sure they did. I don’t remember anything distinguishable about that person.

If you need any more motivation to care or pretend like you do, then I hope your uncle is the managing partner of the regional firm so you will at least get an interview.

Matthew Thompson is the Founder of Thompson Law Firm, pllc, an Adjunct Professor of Law, an MC Law Alum and wears bow ties to court. You can learn more about the firm at http://www.BowTieLawyer.MS

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