5 Ways NOT to introduce your new BF/GF to the Kids…

It’s going to happen at some point. You will get to (or have to) introduce your new soulmate to the children.  But, do you have to make it awkward?


These are the TOP 5 ways NOT to introduce your new beauty or beau.

5. At the Traditional Family Holiday Dinner. It should preferably be on an occasion prior to this and more casual.

4. At the pick-up/drop-off exchange.  Sure, at some point you will all be a big, happy, blended family, but a slower introduction is usually better.

3. On an Overnight Trip. Could be contempt, could make for a long weekend.

2. The day the Divorce is final.  This is too soon.

1. At the Wedding.  It needs to be sooner, if possible.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody attorney in Mississippi and next up will be 5 ways to positively introduce that new soulmate…

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