Things NOT to tell the Police…

There’s an old joke…”You have the Right to remain silent, but do you have the Ability?”


While my primary practice area is Family Law, there is some spillover into other areas. Through the years, I have learned there are just some things you do not say to law enforcement.

5.  I did it!

4.  I only had a couple.

3.  Trying to meet your quota?

2.  Oink, oink.

1.  I called you because he stole my marijuana pipe. 

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney in Mississippi and advises you to be respectful of law enforcement a nd not say these things. 

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2 thoughts on “Things NOT to tell the Police…”

  1. well, this post is one way to collect a few more. I have what some people think is a “bad habit” (I don’t) — I generally smoke a cigar when I drive — among other things, does make me a bit more patient. however, when pulled over, and the window rolls down as the officer leans over — some of them recoil from the smoke, and some actually admit they don’t mind the odor. (helps cover whatever scent of whatever (theoretical) beer I may have been sipping earlier).

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