Pearl Youth Court Update: Still Closed, Help Available…

In what has been the talk of Family Law Town, the Pearl Youth Court was shuttered last week. It has been permanently closed. In the last week more light has been shined on systemic issues within Pearl Youth Court.


The Judge that resigned, John Shirley, issued a statement on November 1, 2017, alleging political games between the City of Pearl Mayor, Jake Windham, and County Court Judge (and Rankin Youth Court Judge) Tom Broome, both conspiring to oust him. The mayor did so due to “political favors” and budget issues and the other Judge to get his case numbers up for additional grant money, according to Shirley. It is quite the read.

The new allegations include similar conduct alleged in the first instance, that is the Judge preventing a parent from having contact with their child due to unpaid fees. The allegations say this went on for well over a year.

Anyone with a Pearl Youth Court case can email Rankin County Youth Court at or call at 601-824-2545 for a review of their case.

Matthew Thompson is a Youth Court attorney in Mississippi and can assist you in navigating Youth Court proceedings.


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