Get a Checkup.

Going to the Dr.  is not what we most look forward to.images.jpg

However, it is a good idea. Getting a check up is a part of a healthy life and if you are dealing with the stress and anxiety of a Family Law matter it is all the more important to live a healthy life.

In custody cases your physical and mental health matters. It is one of the Albright factors that the Court must consider in determining custody of children. It is one of the Armstrong factors; health and earning capacity are used to determine whether or not to award Alimony and these factors impact how much and how long the award may be for.

Health insurance coverage and expenses is an issue in almost every case. Pre-existing conditions, insurability and availability of health coverage matter.

Get a check up and get checked out.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and recommends that you get a medical health check up.

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