MS Bar Exam: 3 strikes and back to law school

The Mississippi Supreme Court just enacted a new rule, effective 2020, for hopeful attorneys-to-be.

Matthew Thompson was interviewed by WLBT while attending Scout Camp regarding the new MS Bar Exam Rule change. It’s hard to take a good picture of a video…

There is now a rule regarding the number of times you may take the bar exam unsuccessfully before remedial education is mandatory. Upon 3 unsuccessful attempts, a test-taker must attend 12 additional hours of law school before sitting for the bar exam again.

Previously there was no set limit. Two Supreme Court Justices disagreed with the rule change, but not because it was too tough. One justice was in favor of a 3-strikes your’re out and another supported 5-strikes and you’re out.

There have been mixed responses to this rule change and the above link features area attorney’s reactions, including your truly.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney in Mississippi, passed the bar exam on his first attempt and if all goes to plan will not have to take another bar exam – – ever…

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