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Legal Forgiveness = Forgiveness? in a Divorce Action

One of the most claimed grounds for divorce is Adultery. Actually, the statue refers to it as “Uncondoned Adultery.” What, you ask, is Uncondoned Adultery? That is adultery that has not been “forgiven.”

Condonation is “legal forgiveness.”  This happens when the aggrieved spouse knows of the fault and decides to reconcile with the other party. You resumed living together as husband and wife, had sex and otherwise tried to make it work.

Once this occurs you no longer have grounds for divorce based on Adultery. Even if it didn’t work!

There are a few strings attached, however. The guilty spouse must, in “good faith” attempt the reconciliation. Additionally, the aggrieved spouse can only forgive what they know about. If there were multiple affairs and all were not disclosed there may still exist fault grounds, whether they are aware of it or not. Also, if the adultery is repeated it revives the grounds for divorce.

Condonation is a difficult issues to wrestle with in divorce.  The Court must consider the knowledge of the aggrieved spouse, the intent of the guilty spouse, the effort(s) to reconcile – whether they are in good faith. All these are fact specific and subjective determinations to be made by the Court.

Matthew Thompson is a divorce attorney in Mississippi and cautions you that some lawyers will advise the guilty party to do or say whatever is necessary to get the other party back in bed, for “reconciliation,” so that the defense of Condonation may be used.  


What is an Affair?

Mississippi law defines an affair as uncondoned sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex, not your spouse.


This definition is evolving, however. With recent changes in the law regarding who can get married the requirement that it be a person of the opposite sex is no longer a valid limitation. Additionally, it must be uncondoned which means without either permission before or forgiveness after.

Because affairs are so secretive in nature the Court can use circumstantial proof to find you guilty of Adultery. Upon a showing of inclination and opportunity the Court can conclude you cheated even over your absolute denial and total absence of DNA evidence! Frankly, DNA evidence and divorce Courts have not caught up with CSI, yet.

Inclination (or infatuation) is the many, many number of calls, texts, emails and love letters, communicating all hours of the night and day. The contact between the spouse and the paramour.

Opportunity is just them being alone together long enough to… This could be the house, car, park, hotel, motel or back alley.

Does other stuff count, as opposed to just sexual intercourse? It could. It also stands to reason that the Court could infer that if you are doing other stuff it includes intercourse.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce Attorney and reminds you to not have an affair.

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Judges; Human Lie Detectors

“Do you swear or affirm the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

All testimony is under oath. Judges apply the smell test to determine your truthfulness. Testimony that doesn’t make sense fails this test.

A man, after having been caught with his girlfriend, denied they were intimate because he could not…perform.  There was testimony that he had issues in that department. However, he was also on medication for his ailments.  He continued his medication even months after separating from his wife.  He did NOT have a good explanation for that.

Judge knew he was NOT telling the whole truth. You can lose your credibility on something seemingly trivial. Judges listen intently and judge you. That is their job. If you lie about little things or are “cute” with your answers then they may assume you’ll lie about big things.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Lawyer in Mississippi and recommends you tell the truth and nothing but the truth…but only answer what is asked.

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