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What is a “Biblical Divorce?”

I hear this term a lot, “Biblical divorce.”

Arvind Balaraman

Most commonly it means having the fault ground of Adultery as the basis for the divorce. It is widely held that this is the only “Biblical Ground” for divorce and absent Adultery you cannot or should not get a divorce.

“Biblical grounds” can also include abuse and abandonment, depending upon your denomination.  These, adding to the list the reasons that a divorce may be allowed.

Interestingly, the Bible also states “I say to you that everyone who looks at a another with lust has already committed adultery  in his heart.” Mt. 5:28 This expresses the idea that lust for another, not your spouse, is “Biblical Grounds” for divorce.

Divorce is something no one really plans for (prenups notwithstanding). It is something that is routinely despised yet,  it is also sometimes very necessary.

If you are struggling with issues of Divorce contact your clergy, counselor, or even an experienced family law attorney.  They may well help you with your struggles.

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