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Ask for Help.

All too often we ask for help too late or not at all.

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The sentiment in family law that you can work it out and that even though the papers say one thing, but we are really going to do another is foolhardy. The papers say what they mean and mean what they say. The idea that you cannot afford an attorney so why bother asking is dangerous. In many instances you cannot afford to be without an attorney. the details matter.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or that something is wrong with you.  I use a professional CPA. I hire persons who are professionals in their field when I need those services.  You should do the same when it comes to dealing with Family Law.

Also, in our personal lives it’s okay to ask for help. Counselors, preachers and others with particular skills, training and life experiences can serve you well. However, it does not help if you do NOT ask for help.

Matthew Thompson is a family law  attorney  and knows you know when to ask for help and encourages you to please do so.

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You Are Your Own Worst Enemy!

In Court there are a lot of forces against you.  Your spouse or ex-spouse, their attorney, sometimes the Judge, at least seemingly, the GAL, the Court appointed expert all are not looking out for your best interests. But, who is your own worst enemy?  Your lawyer? NO!

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It’s YOU!

More often than not, when there is a disaster it is due to your own making or at least you are a major contributor.  Not following the advice of your lawyer is one of the main factors in you making your case worse.  Doing what you want or feel like is another.  Deliberately defying a Court Order is never smart either.

So, how do you avoid disaster.  Listen.  Heed the advice given.  Do NOT do things contrary to that advice.  If in doubt don’t act, but ask.  That alone is worth the price of this blog.

“If in doubt ASK, don’t ACT!” – Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and gives lots of advice on a daily basis.

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