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New Judges are Coming… 11th, 20th, & 4th Districts; The Scoop on the Candidates.

Family Law is not necessarily full of exciting news. Sure, we have juicy stories of debauchery, but that has occurred since man became upright…

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But, getting 3 new Judge positions is exciting!

Governor Bryant signed into law a bill that creates 3 new judges to hear divorce, custody, child support, paternity, will, estate and land matters, among other limited areas of the law.

These 3 new judges will be over districts that have been in much demand for another Judge.

District 11 is getting a 3rd Judge. District 11 covers Madison, Leake, Holmes and Yazoo counties. The Current Judges are Cynthia Brewer and Robert Clark, III.

The candidate for this seat is James Walker (click for website). Walker is the current Family Master for the District, hearing Emergencies,Temporary Hearings and the types of matters the current Chancellors hear. Walker is the former staff attorney for Judge Cynthia Brewer and former staff attorney for DHS.  Walker is the definite front-runner (FB).

District 20 covers Rankin County and will likewise be getting a 3rd Judge.  The current Judge is John Grant.  There is a vacancy for the 2nd Chancellor due to the untimely passing of Judge Dan Fairly– which will be filled, most likely, by appointment and special election.

Craig Slay is the only candidate that has qualified for the new position, but the rumor mill has at least 4 other candidates in the mix. Slay is the Board Attorney for the  Rankin County Board of Supervisors and has practiced law for nearly 20 years. At the time of this post Slay’s social media presence was not readily apparent.

Prentiss Grant is one of those candidates. He has announced publicly to be in the running for Rankin Chancery Judge, though not listed yet on the Secretary of State’s website.  P. Grant has practiced for over 25 years and handled many Chancery Court cases, among criminal and personal injury areas of practice as well.

This will be an exciting race to watch!

District 4 covers Amite, Franklin, Pike and Walthall counties and will be getting a much needed second Chancellor.

Conrad Mord is the only candidate to toss his hat in the ring so far. Mord has practiced in the district for 40 years and currently serves as the Youth Court Referee, a.k.a. Youth Court Judge. The current lone Chancellor is Debbra Halford.

Stay tuned for all of your Family Law Judge news.  This election coverage will be updated as more candidates qualify, though not so much coverage as to be soul-crushing to the casual reader!

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and is interested in the election process and the candidates that will decide critical issues for Families in Mississippi.

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