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“Should I take my nose ring out?” a.k.a. Attire for Court

Recently I was asked about appropriate attire for Court.  Specifically, I was asked about the propriety of wearing a piercing in Court.

“Should I take my nose ring out?”

While dress codes in Couimgres.jpgrt are not what they used to be, you still should dress appropriately for Court.

What is proper attire?

  • conservative/church attire
  • slacks/dress pants
  • button-down/collared shirts
  • suit
  • appropriate dresses

What is not proper?

  • shorts
  • t-shirts
  • sleeveless shirts
  • short dresses/skirts
  • gaudy jewelry
  • hats

…so, should you take your nose ring out?                 

“Yes, yes you should.”

Matthew Thompson is a Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and while you may not lose your case because of your attire or appearance, everything you can do to help should be done.

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