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Footballs and Dogs; Almost anything can be negotiated in your divorce…

With High School and College Football in full action it reminded me of some of the lighter, or at least non-traditional, custody battles that I have been involved in.

Season Football Tickets I was involved in a case where the parties were arguing over who got the season football tickets.

The tickets were secured by one party who had been getting them for years, but were paid for by the other party, so both felt they had a legitimate claim. Additionally, both genuinely wanted the tickets. It was not posturing by the wife to get a better deal or more support. The solution was joint custody.

Each picked certain games that they would attend each year and on the games that both wanted to attend they agreed to alternate even years and odd years.  Another interesting aside was that there were 2 tickets for each game.  Who the guest would be was also an issue. Neither wanted the other to be able to take a bf/gf. The compromise was that the other ticket would be used by a family member or a minor friend of the children. (Minor meaning under 21, not just small).  The custody of the tickets was one of the last issues to get resolved. It really did matter.

Dogs In a similar vein, I have handled several cases involving pets.  Pets, under Mississippi law are considered personal property (like an item or thing), however the parties are free to treat pets as members of the family should they so elect, and many do.

The parties ultimately agreed on a week-on, week-off custody arrangement for the dog to be with each “parent.” The agreement also addressed the expenses associated with the dog, including food, care and vet bills. Don’t forget those items!

Almost anything can be negotiated.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and reminds you not to forget about those season football tickets and pets in your divorce agreement.

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Pet Peeves; Divorcing is for the Dogs.

Divorcing your Spouse may lead to divorcing your pet!

FrenchyIt’s common knowledge that dog is man’s best friend. Sometimes in a divorce situation your pet may be your only friend.

But, how does the Court deal with pets?

Pets are treated as personal property. Sure they eat, sleep and incur expenses, but for Court purposes they might as well be an end table or a foot stool.  This in no way minimizes the significant emotional value and relationship, however, a pet owner can have with Frenchy!

In multiple instances “major” issues such as ownership of the home and division of the accounts have been agreed upon while pet custody and responsibilities have been the “lines in the sand’ upon which we will NOT cross.

So if the Court treats Fido as property who gets him? The Court will look at when he was acquired, how, who did the care-taking, and who has the ability to care for the pet, all the while encouraging the parties to agree.

Solomon did not cut the baby in half and the Court will not, in usual circumstances split time with Whiskers. In this instance, if the Court is forced to decide, someone “wins” and someone “loses.”

Your best bet is to enter into a shared custody arrangement and work together to serve the best interests of Jesse. Don’t forget to address how to split those vet bills either.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and has drafted Shared Custody Agreements regarding the family pet, including pet support!

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