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Change, Change, Change…Change of Child Support

I have previously blogged on the Mississippi Legislature, a.k.a. “the hissing possums” thanks to SNL, possibly taking action on proposed Child Support changes.  One such change was passed and will be in effect as of July 2013.

Senate Bill 2338 sought to increase the income levels that the child support guidelines are applied.  Child Support is a statutory amount on income. (Child Support, What you Owe).  If your income was between $5k -$50k per year, Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), the guidelines applied and the Court computed what you owed.  The new law increased the income range to $10k-$100k per year, AGI, for the Court to base Child Support. MCA 43-19-101(e)

Currently, if you make $50k per year support for one child would be around $585.  This figure is 14% of $50k.  From there the Court could skew it upwards based on the needs of the child or if you made higher income, if appropriate.  So, your obligation could range from $585 -$1,200 per month, give or take, depending on your AGI income.  The law change makes the 14% apply directly to all sums over $50k up to $100k.  So, support on $100k AGI would be $1,166.00 per month.  As stated prior, this change likely just keeps higher wage-earner’s support in line with what they are already paying and is not a substantial change, as the Court could always deviate upward, or downward, if warranted.

I think the “possums” got it right and this change, while in practical effect is not too significant, does address in some respects the low rates nationally that MS is known for.  H/T to Judge Primeaux’s blog, 12th Chancery Court District of MS.

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