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Celebrating Your Divorce Vegas-Style!

It’s an odd concept to Celebrate Divorce. Yet sometimes it is appropriate…


A gun range in Las Vegas offers a unique way to celebrate your divorce.

“The ‘Just Divorced’ package is the first of its kind in Las Vegas. This package encourages ex-spouses to celebrate their recent uncoupling and new beginning by taking aim at wedding items from years past including (but not limited to) wedding dresses, tuxes, and marriage certificates with the largest caliber-shot available.   Up to four guests can celebrate the divorcee’s new independence by utilizing wedding memorabilia as targets in Machine Guns Vegas private VIP room!”

Shoot a standard, or pink, fully automatic weapon, complimentary transportation and Free VIP upgrade available. All of this for just $499.99. And up to 4 guests! Act now!

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Jackson, Mississippi and can help you celebrate your divorce.  Act now.

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