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It’s Never What you Think!

As an attorney that practices exclusively family law I am routinely posed with questions and scenarios of one person doing everything right and the other everything wrong.  However, when I start digging and asking the right questions I find that “It’s Never What you Think!”

Recently, I was asked by a friend to speak to friend about her potential case.  The potential client had “done everything right,” but the ex and his attorney were “out to destroy her” and would not let up.  She was at wit’s end.  As I was speaking with her I was asking about custody, visitation and support issues.

Lawyer:      “You are current on your support, right?”

Client:         “Yeah…” (said with hesitation)

Lawyer:      “That did not sound convincing”

Client:         “Well, I paid for my kids medical and activities and he has a great job and doesn’t NEED it.”

Lawyer:      “His job doesn’t really matter as far as support goes…what were you ordered to pay?

Client:         “$475.00 per month.”

Lawyer:      “When was the last time you paid $475.00?

Client:         “Years.” (said with hesitation)…”He didn’t need the money.”

This was not an instance of having “done everything right.”  Why the ex waited years to pursue it is a mystery, but he nonetheless has the right to.

In another instance, a “good father” just wanted reasonable visitation. I asked, as I always do,”What is the dirt on you?”

The DIRT is/are the things that the other side says you did, even if you did not do them; substance abuse, crimes, non-payment, hateful things.

In this instance “the dirt” was long ago, recreational drug use and just some routine fussing and fighting.  I said in jest, “Well, so long as you didn’t have a meth lab in the garage…”  “Actually, it was.”  There’s your dirt.

So to all of you well-meaning helpful friends, you are NOT getting the full story.  And to all of you eager attorneys seeking to fight injustice and righting the wrongs of others, get the full story.  It’s Never What you Think!

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and only believes half of what he sees and even less of what he hears. 

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Riding the Wave – “Coping” with Family, Law and Family Law

One of the best pieces of advice is to “ride the wave.”  In family law, such as life, adversity is a given. How you respond is the key.

How you choose to deal with that adversity will directly contribute to the results you get.  Oftentimes it is a common reaction to fight fire with fire, and we all know the eye for an eye sentiment, but that may not be the best response.  I have previously blogged on dealing with stress and uncertainty.  This one is a little different. It is not so much how to cope, but to try to use the adversity to your advantage.

A great example was when I was faced with a young father being sued for an increase in child support.  He had experienced an increase in  income and was really starting to enjoy life.  The ex sued him and he viewed this as ‘just his luck.’  I explained that she may be entitled to a child support increase, that he was paying a very low amount from a previous order, that some time had passed since last being in Court and that an increase was due.  As I discussed his situation he disclosed some frustration with the visitation schedule. How his new job, while paying well made the current schedule difficult to work  and the ex was not too easy to get along with.  I told him that since we are “going to court” that we should seek a visitation modification.  He did not want to make things worse. I told him it would not. Ultimately, an increase in support was negotiated along with a visitation schedule change that allowed him more time.

He rode the wave, sure it cost more money, but that is what the law requires once you subject yourself to the Court system.  He used the adversity to get a better result.

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What’s the Right Answer? (Family Law Conundrums)

Basic Family Law 101: (in most instances)

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If you don’t know what the “right” legal answer is, do what’s “right,” and you’ll be fine.

-Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi.  That is all.

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