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Getting STUNG in Court!

Seldom in Court does everything go in one party’s favor, but there are times where the party-in-the-wrong get’s STUNG by the Court.


How do you know if you got Stung in Court?  Oh, you know.

  • You may have been dressed down by the Judge.
  • He may have stated that your conduct was petty or silly.
  • A finding that your lawsuit was frivolous.
  • Perhaps your claim was dismissed in its entirety.
  • When the other side is preparing the Order and it was not an “Agreed” judgment, that too can be a sign of a win or loss.
  • If you were held in contempt.

But there is also another sign of getting Stung. Are you paying your opponent’s attorneys fees?

If you’re paying the other party’s Attorneys Fees, you got Stung!

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and warns clients to not get Stung!

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