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Children Should NOT Pay for Adult Mistakes

We all mess up. It happens. However, when our mess up negatively affects others, merely fixing the mistake is not enough, especially when it’s a child.

Being an adult can be hard. Being a parent is hard. Being an adult that has to deal with children is hard. Making mistakes is inevitable. However, how those mistakes are dealt with is the difference between showing a true servant’s heart and being a cold, unapologetic robot.

As a parent, we have all messed up. A quick, heartfelt apology is always best. To the extent you can fix your mess up, you do it. When the correction causes more trauma, you don’t.

A child does not need to learn from an Adult’s mistake – even an honest mistake. That isn’t teaching the child a lesson. That’s actually showing adults are not accountable for their actions.

“My bad, but you suffer…”

Also, admitting your mistake is good. But the way its handled thereafter matters too. A heavy-hand is not always the best. Being respectful never goes out of style and attempts to deescalate problems is the #1 priority when dealing with these situations.

A wise man once said the referee could throw a flag on every play, wisdom is not doing so. Also, sometimes picking that flag up and waving it off is the right thing to do.

The lesson here is ultimately do the right thing. Protect the child, be honest, but don’t make that child suffer because of your mistake.

Also, it’s NEVER too late to do the right thing!

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and advises parents/adults to not make a child suffer because of your mistake.

The Worst Fault Grounds Ever = A Divorce.

Emotional abuse, verbal abuse, multiple affairs are all grounds for divorce in Mississippi.

David Castillo Dominici /freedigital photos.net

But, what if your spouse was really bad?  What if they said, as my grandmother-in-law used to say, “both words?”  IE: “I was so mad that I said ‘both words!'” What if you had really, really bad grounds and lots of it?

That gets you a divorce.

One affair or 1,000= a divorce. Being incarcerated for 1 year or for life = a divorce. Abandonment and the other grounds, if proven, gain you a divorce.

Here’s what Fault does not equate too.  “Getting taken to the cleaners.”

A mother having an affair does not lose custody because of that fact alone. A father who cheats does not have to pay the wife due to that fact alone. The Court, instead, looks at the totality of the circumstances.  If you are a good parent despite your fault you will still get to see your child.  If it was a short marriage or your spouse makes more than you, you will not have to pay a boat load just because you messed up.  Courts do not “punish” you financially for affairs, usually.

Just because you messed up does not mean you have to continue messing up. Just because you messed up does not mean you will pay for it the rest of your days. But, if you are messing up Stop now and call an attorney.

Matthew Thompson is an Attorney practicing Divorce Law in Mississippi and may can help you even if you really, really messed up.

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