The Bow Tie Changes Everything…

I have previously blogged on why I am the Bow Tie Lawyer and how I came to sport bow ties.  I recently read an article about how beards change not only one’s appearance, but also how they are perceived and it made me realize the bow tie also changes not only the person that wears it, but also those that come into contact with the bow tie wearer.

How, you ask, can a mere bow tie change someone?  A bow tie is just a narrow piece of cloth, placed around the neck and collar, tied into a bow, and usually worn on special occasion, also known as a dicky bow.  Here are some beneficial changes;

  • Most people assume you did not tie it and are astounded to find out that you tied it yourself.  They now see you in awe.
  • Most assume tying it is very difficult and because you can tie it you are very smart.  They now see you as superior.
  • Strangers will speak to you and comment on the bow tie’s dashing good looks.  They see you as a trend setter.
  • Fellow bow tie wearers give you an approving head nod.  They see you as in the fraternity.
  • Elderly women think it’s very handsome.  They see you as very handsome.

And, there are some not so beneficial changes;

  • A lot of people assume it’s a clip-on and never find out otherwise.  They see you as an odd, old man wearing a clip-on bow tie.
  • A lot of people assume you are a nerd.  They see you as a nerd.
  • Strangers will make comments to you and  call you Bill Nye and not mean it in a flattering manner. Again, they see you as a nerd.
  • When you are used to wearing long neck ties and switch to bow ties the first several times you wear the bow tie you feel a little under dressed due to not being able to see your tie, other than in a mirror. You are startled when you see yourself the first several times.
  • Younger women think it’s very dorky. They see you as dorky.

The good news is that bow ties are coming back into the mainstream. So, hopefully, if you wear one enough bow ties will once again gain wide acceptance, minimizing the negatives.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney that wears bow ties.  He is also the exception to the rule as all age groups think he and his bow ties are quite dashing and smart.  Trust the Bow Tie.

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