Super Bowl Sunday; Super Strange Custody Fight

With the Super Bowl imminent it reminded me of a case I was involved in where there was a serious custody battle.  The fight was not over the children, nor the house or the retirement accounts.  The fight was over SEC Season Football Tickets! (certainly worth fighting for)


The tickets were secured by one party who had been getting them for years, but were actually paid for by the other party.  So, both felt they had a legitimate claim, additionally both genuinely wanted the tickets. It was not posturing by the wife to get a better deal or more support.

The solution?  Joint custody.

Each picked certain games that they would attend each year and on the ones that both wanted to attend they agreed to alternate even years and odd years to determine who got to go.  Another interesting aside was that there were 2 tickets for each game.  Who the guest would be was also an issue, as they obviously would not both go at the same time! Neither wanted the other to be able to take a bf/gf. The compromise was that the other ticket would be used by a family member, or a minor friend of the children. (Minor meaning under 21, not just small).  The custody of the season tickets was one of the last issues to get resolved. It really did matter.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney that will handle your custody case, whether it be over Children, the House, Accounts, SEC Season Football Tickets or the Dog!  Trust the Bow Tie.

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