Want Unconditional Love? Get a Puppy.

A happy, healthy husband-wife relationship is a wonderful thing. Though some would argue, increasingly rare.

Due to various reasons that relationship can break down. Recently, I was inquiring about the reasons for the breakdown of a marriage and it came down to the feeling of the lack of unconditional love (UL).

Upon some additional questions I learned that UL, in this instance, meant something to the effect of, “I can do whatever I want, and you HAVE to love me…” Or stated in less offensive terms, “while I may not always put you first, I NEED to always be put first.”

I thought that’s not really UL. Then I thought, how can a relationship on this Earth between a husband and a wife, or any relationship between consenting adults really be one based upon UL? If it really was UL, would that be a healthy relationship? Would the receiver of UL fully appreciate what they are getting? Would the giver of UL ever be satisfied?

UL is what a puppy gives. ALWAYS happy to see you. Always eager to please. Cannot wait to be with you again and cute as the dickens. But even puppies get tired and poop on the floor…

Want the closest thing to unconditional love? Get a puppy. Want a healthy relationship? It takes work, mutual companionship and a desire to make it last.

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