Put Your Children First.

Divorcing spouses make it about themselves.  How he “threw it all away” or how she “abandoned the marriage.”  But, when children are in the equation they need to be First.

I know of too many instances where the children are treated as pawns.  One parent uses the other parent’s time or access to the children to get more of what they want or are just difficult for the sake of being difficult.  A parent refusing to allow the other parent to see the child for strategic reasons is just wrong.

Okay your husband strayed, does that mean he does not deserve to see the children?  Too often the parent that has the child is tempted to play “keep away.”  If your wife is a floozy that does not mean the children do not need their mother?

In all instances where there are NOT genuine safety concerns that parent should have access and see the children as much as practical. Period.  What’s the best thing you can do for your child?

Put your children first.  Make sure the other parent has quality time and access to the children.  If dad was not an every other weekend dad before the divorce, who is served by him becoming one after the divorce?

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