“What Rhymes with Hug Me?” (hey, hey, hey)

Robin Thicke has a song out called Blurred Lines.

In the song he sings about sending mixed signals and how a response intended to mean one thing can be interpreted or mean another to the receiver.

Are your communications with your spouse doing the same thing?

Communication is critical.  It’s critical in a healthy relationship and it’s critical in the aftermath.  I have seen many, many post separation communications be misinterpreted and then used against the sending party. Email and text messages do not connote tone.  Glib comments, being cute or even a smart aleck can easily be inferred or not.

Also, too much communication leads to mixed signals, mixed emotions, false hope and opportunity for your words to be used against you.  Usually, I recommend limited communications and that those be about the children or emergencies, or course.  Sometimes, however, I recommend no contact.  You hired attorneys, let them do it.

Don’t blur the lines.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and while Blurred Lines may be a catchy song, blurred lines of communication can lead to trouble.

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