Predicting the Future: I see divorce proceedings against this person “?”


In what can be the only story to top anything that Charlie Sheen or Alec Baldwin do is the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford’s hi-jinks.

rob ford

As most of you now know, Rob Ford is the embattled Mayor of Toronto who has admitted to smoking crack, while being the Mayor of Toronto.  He has publicly proclaimed a “zero tolerance” drug policy, however he has dismissed his own conduct with a very plausible explanation.  He was so drunk he did not realize he was smoking crack, nor really remember it.  Just as astounding has been his candor and refusal NOT to comment publicly (meaning he talks too much).  I assume his attorney is cringing every time he knows that Rob Ford is awake!  He has had some extremely colorful quotes – one of which is not fit to reprint, but upon accusations of sexually harassing a female co-worker, Ford denied as much and stated that  he had “…more than enough to eat at home.” Wow!

Matthew Thompson is Divorce & Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and has no desire to be Mayor of Anything.

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