You’re FIRED!

In a follow-up to a blog this past September, a TN Judge has been removed from the bench due to her actions.

As you may recall the TN Judge changed the name of a child from Messiah to Martin over the objections of mom and dad, who were in a disagreement about the child’s last name, not his first name.  The Judge determined the child should not be named Messiah.

What the Judge failed to consider however is that parents have a constitutional right to raise their children as they see fit, a constitutional right to privacy and a presumption that they are acting in the child’s best interests; this includes naming the child.   TN could determine the last name, which could either be the same as the mother’s or the father’s, but crossed the line when changing the first name.

Now, the Judge has been removed for this among other unreported reasons.  The Judge still faces possible Judicial Conduct sanctions for her actions from the bench.  Mississippi would have reached the same outcome as well.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody attorney in the Magnolia State, does name changes and encourages you to know your rights as a parent.

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