Things NOT to Brag About.

It’s sometimes hard not to tell the world how great you are.  Think Mohamed Ali. I get that.  But, there are some things that you should just never brag about in a legal situation.

Thomas Hoepker/Magnum Edition 2/7

Never Brag about;

  1. How well you KNOW the Judge.
  2. How well your lawyer KNOWS the Judge.
  3. How you KNEW the outcome before it was Ordered.
  4. How much money you HID.
  5. How much you “pulled the wool” over the other side.
  6. How her attorney was “on the take” for you.
  7. The FIX was in.
  8. Bribes being made.

Now this is not a guide on how to deceive.  I am not recommending you do these things, but just not talk about them.  I am adamant that you should NOT do these things, ever.  This includes talking about doing these things.  In my experience, I hear comments like this being made falsely to intimidate the other side or just to be plain mean.  Comments like this very well could lead to trouble for you even when the comments are false.

Sometimes things are better left unsaid.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in the Mississippi reminding you that you are NOT Dizzy Dean or Mohamed Ali.

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One thought on “Things NOT to Brag About.”

  1. Your mouth can make you all kinds of friends, make you a ton of money but, can destroy you in a few simple spoken words.

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