Mississippi Judge Suspended

Chancellor Joe Dale Walker, of the 13th Chancery district which includes;Covington, Jefferson Davis,  Lawrence,  Simpson  and Smith counties, has been suspended by the Mississippi Supreme Court.

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A prior blog post had the contested MS Judicial elections.  This included Judge Walker’s seat, which currently has 2 candidates vying for his seat on the bench.  The blog linked to the issues that were surrounding Judge Walker, which can be viewed on Jane’s Law Blog.

Judge Walker was handling a conservatorship and approved, or had approved by the other Chancellor, an Order or Orders which awarded a construction contract to a relative of the Judge’s.  Judge Walker denies any material wrongdoing and points out that upon realizing the involvement of that family member he transferred it to the other chancellor.  An attorney representing the ward gave statements against the Judge, but then apparently refused to testify at a hearing.  The facts and accusations are somewhat bizarre.   It should be noted it is an interim suspension pending a full inquiry into the allegations.  MS Supreme Court Order (Order).

Matthew Thompson is a practicing attorney in Mississippi Chancery Courts.

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