Don’t Kill the Golden Goose!

That dirty, no good, weasley, little, you-know-what deserves to be run out-of-town on a rail and have it shouted from the roof tops that he’s sorry and no one should do business with him! Right??

Goose that Laid the Golden Egg Hand pulled silkscreen ca. 1950


Your initial reaction of disdain and disgust are understandable.  But, bad mouthing the bread-winner in a divorce situation is akin to cutting off your own nose to spite your face.  A New York divorcee recently learned the hard way, costing herself six figures in the process.  She attacked her husband publicly for his reprehensible conduct and cost him significant business and dramatically decreased the value of his law firm.

It was needlessly self-destructive.  That bread-winning spouse maintaining the ability to bring home the bacon will allow you to get more cheddar!

So, bad-mouth him to your lawyer, to your counselor and  your mamma, but don’t run him down the road to his co-workers, don’t email all of her clients that she’s a home-wrecker.

Will it be easy? No.  Is it the right thing?  Maybe.                                                        Is it the Smart Play? Absolutely.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce and Domestic Relations Attorney in Mississippi and if your goal is to have more bread in your pocket do NOT kill the Golden Goose.  

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